Last updates were made June 22nd, 2004.

Hello again! Space problem solved and a bunch of race track riding pics from last summer are added to photos section! Some newer stuff also hopefully coming.


Previous updates:
Current events and main page marquee updated.
We had some technical difficulties which are mostly sorted out and the updates are on their way.
Hessu's fighter project section started
technical problems causing irritating delays on making the section.
Suzuki history continued
Link sections updated
Tomppa moved from non-biker frienmds to biker friends.
Current events updated
Lots of pics added and a small add in Suzuki history. We'll get another go on the Suzuki history another time, hopefully in the near future.
Current events updated. More updates coming next weekend.
Link to TSAP added, current events updated.
Pics added to photos. Some in Crashed & bent and some in January ride 2003.
Kössi's pics added to biker friends.
Current events updated.
Pics added from autumn ride and Offroad party.
JJ's & Teme's annual Stockholm cruise pics added.
Teme's bachelor party pics added and Minna's & Teme's wedding pictures added.
Loads of pictures added to photos section.
Sami S updated to be a biker friend. Even tho he's had a bike all summer. Well ok he had a bike, he crashed it and now hi has a moped called Kawasaki ZX-6R.
It seems that we had some misinformation in our suzuki pics section. There's a picture of a GSX1100E and it was mentioned to be a model of 1987. It actually seems to be model of 1982 as Jarmo H. kindly informed us.
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Suzuki history will be written when we get our selves onto it.