Suzuki Rocker: Teme


Name: Teemu Sivén (birth name Soininen)

Born: July 9th 1976

Place of birth: Joensuu, Finland

Place of residence: Vantaa, Finland

Degree: Bachelor of science (electronics)
Thesis: Designing, building and measuring a vintage recording studio

Occupation: Application engineer

Employer:Metorex Security Products Oy


tememp4.jpg (39556 bytes)
Teme blasting with his RF in Motopark.

Teme in Stockholm, October 1999.
Teme in Stockholm, October 1999

I am, as are the other Suzuki Rockers, a motorcyclist all the way. But that is not all I am. I have allways been interested in technology, so I have studied first to be an electronics mechanic and then to be an electronics engineer.

I also like to read a lot, especially horror books and Donald Duck comics, Don Rosa being my favorite Duck artist. I also like movies and music. I have a small home theatre system, which I enjoy very much, and like to say that hi-fi is one of my hobbies.

I play double bass in a rock'n'roll band called Jay & the Alley Dogs. We play mostly old rockabilly stuff, songs made famous by Elvis, Chuck Berry, gene Vincent, Stray Cats, Hurriganes and many others. Our lead guitarist is writing songs for us but we haven't got a lots of own stuff yet.

To keep in some sort of shape I do sports. At the moment I don't have any particular sport for a hobbie, but I have done karate and Wing tsun kung fu. Nowadays I play floorball and soccer with my friends and occasionally some other sports, like squash, gym , badminton, rollerblading, ice hockey, basketball etc., but like I sead, Occasionally.

I have three tattoos. One on my upper back, a tribal figure from shoulder to shoulder, one on my right shoulder/arm and one reaching from my left elbow across my left shoulder to the left side of my chest. All my tattoos have been inked by EppuWalli at Blue Dragon tattoo, Helsinki.