Tomppa: Real  Iron  Maiden Fan! He finally lost the Neon and bought himself a 03 CBR 600. So now he is a biker friend!

pic Tude: Real Iron  Maiden  fan too!!! Long 125cc backround with honda NSR and he really is a  Biker to the end.

pic Gröna 100% man, you have to experience his presens to fully understand what I mean.

BBMC: officially sponsor

pic Peki: Used to drive a Virago 250, Kawa 500 EN and last but not least Kawa 750 VN. Very good pal.

pic Sami H: Ex Freccia and ZXR 750 owner. Good friend. ( doesn`t like rock though, is that weird or what? )

pic Ari: Good friend for years now.

Mikko N: Friend who I (JJ) started to drive with (80cc) One of JJ's best friends. Father of Janne's godson.

Minna S: Teme's sister and the European champion of young bakers 1999.

Mikko S: Mr. Psychobilly. He's the guy to call if you need company to go to a rock gig.

Kimmo L: Likes partying & bikes.

Kimmo M: Nice guy with a sence of humour.

Jussi A: Drummer of the band Teme plays in.

Jouni: Singer of the band. True and ultimate Elvis fan.

Jani H: Characterization is coming sometime in the distant future...if ever.

pic Roope: Proud turbo Saab owner.

EKI: Eki used to own a beauty like this, but had to give it up.