Helsinki Motorcycle Show 2003
Pictures from 2003 motorcycle fair in Helsinki
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Suzuki's new weapon SV1000
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This is a treat, SV1000S. Wouldn't mind having one of those.
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And the 2003 GSX-R1000. Could do with that too.
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Suzuki VanVan. 250cc toy
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Night black Hayabusa
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Ducati's brand new 999
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A tiny leakage in the Íhlins?
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Ain't too fat
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Cannodale supermoto
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Triumph Speed Four, not bad, not bad
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Mika Kallio's 125cc missile
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Some aftermarket undertail pipings for GSX-R
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Undertail pipe fitted on Blade
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Fancy taking a friend with you to a dirt track
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KTM's Duke, not much change there from last year
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Teme trying to fit on a minimoto
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Everything on it is so tiny
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Motorcycle underwear fashion

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