Here is our "bike" history.

J.J. Teme Esci Hessu
I had my first motocross bike at age of 10. Since then I've had 7 combustion engine operated bikes.

- 1986: Suzuki RM80, model of 1984

- 1987: Suzuki RM80, model of 1987

- 1988: Kawasaki KX80, model of 1988

- 1989: Suzuki RM80, model of 1989

- 1991: Suzuki PV50, model of 19??
(In Finland, when you turn 15, you can ride a moped on a public road)

- 1995...1996: Suzuki GSX600F, model of 1988

- 1998...: Suzuki RF900R model of 1998.

I had my first "motorbike" at age of 15. That "bike" was Honda Monkey. First time I ever had a ride on a bike was when I was 8 or 9 years old, when my uncle Rauno took me to a ride with his 1973 Suzuki GT250K (picture taken 1986, I think). Ever since I've been addicted to bikes. First time I ever rode a motorcycle myself, was when I was 14 and I got to try that very same GT250K. When I was 15, I got to try my friend's 1990 GSX-R750. That was it, I just had to get one.

Finally in the year 2000 (9 years later) I got myself Suzuki GSX-R750, model of 1989. What a bike!!! In 2001 I traded the Gixer to a 1995 RF900R. I rode the RF900R for 3 years, on road and track. Awsome machine, it hurt to let it go. In 2004 I bought a 1973 GT250K, the very same motorcycle I ever rode, currently reading 31000km. So currently I have had 4 two wheeled motor vehicles.

- 1991...1993: Honda Z50J Monkey

- 2000: Suzuki GSX-R750, model of 1989

- 2001...2004: Suzuki RF900R, model of 1995.

- 2004...: Suzuki GT250K, model of 1973.

I started with Suzuki PV 50 at the age of 14, after my big sister grew out of it. One year after that, I had one just like that, but with 80cc engine. After riding the 80cc PV for a while I changed it to a Honda Monkey Z50J. Only because it wheelies better :). At that point I also had a 80cc Yamaha YZ MX-bike, model of -88. At the age of 16 I bought an Aprilia Sintesi AF-1 1990. I had it for a couple of years. After that I have had few cars, like Honda CRX -89, Ford Sierra cosworth -92 and a new Honda Accord typeR. I`ve had my Suzuki GSXR600 since the begining of April in 2001.

- 1991...1992 Suzuki PV 50

- 1992 Suzuki PV 50 (80cc engine)

-1992...1993 Honda Monkey Z50J

-1992...1994 Yamaha YZ 80, model of 1988

- 1993...1995 Aprilia Sintesi AF-1,model of 1990

- 2001...2002: Suzuki GSX-R600, model of 2000.

- 2002...: Suzuki GSX-R1000, model of 2002.

- 1982 Suzuki GSX-1100E fighter