Here you can find out what's going on in our lives.
This page will hopefully be updated more frequently
than the other sections of our site.


April 26th: The riding season is well opened! Temes "new" GT250K runs fine, or at least as fine as you would expect from a bike that has not been ridden for five years.

March 31st: Hessu is on the road again! He opened the riding season on tuesday 30th March. The rest of will open the season in a few weeks.
Teme has sold his RF but is no longer without a motorcycle. After tight price negotiations with his uncle, he is now in process of purchasing a 1973 Suzuki GT250K!

March 4th: Waiting for SPRING! But it just keeps on snowing every day! Teme sold his RF and currently does not own a motorcycle.

January 7th: A lot has happened since the last update. Teme moved some 10 km north to Kerava which is one of Vantaa's neighbour cities. Iron Maiden once again came and rocked Helsinki! One of the greatest gigs I've ever been on (says Teme).Year 2003 went and year 2004 came. Not as cold as 2003 started but still cold. And as allways, updates are promised, but will probably take some time since neither Teme or JJ currently have internet connection at home.


October 1st: Ok it's been a bit quiet here! Motopark weekend went well, pics are coming!
We went to Riga, Latvia for weekend in August and also visited Tallin, Estonia. Teme visited San Francisco and northern California for a couple of days and London/Gatwick briefly a couple of times during summer.
Brian Setzer rocked Helsinki at Tavastia club for a couple of nights in September! ROCK'n'ROLL!
Paul Di'Anno visited Finland in late September, Janne went to see him and his band Killers in Helsinki and the following weekend we went to see him in Turku. Teme says it was one of the best gigs his been to.
Iron Maiden is coming back to Finland in November! Ozzy Osbourne will also come to show us how to play heavy metal! We'll be on those gigs as well.

August 7th: Going to Motopark for the weekend to do some serious riding on a racetrack.
Note for insurance companies: Not racing or practising for racing. Just riding to improve our riding skills.

July 3rd: Iron Maiden! They rocked Helsinki once again! Up the Irons!
Ilosaarirock is less than two weeks away.

June 10th: Teme visited USA for three weeks in May. He went to New York City and all around Wisconsin, Colorado, Washington and Oklahoma.
Finnish midsummer party is coming up on 20th to 22nd June.
We changed our tires our selves! Pics of changing Teme's RFs tires are coming along with a new look for the site!
June 30th Iron Maiden will be playing in Finland, we'll be there!
Suzukirockers and their spouses are going to Ilosaarirock in Joensuu on 12 - 13th July. September 13th Ozzy Osbourne will be rockin Helsinki with HIM and Godsmack, and we'll be there!

April 24th: Teme is going to Dubai 26th - 27th April and then leaving to the USA on May 5th for two weeks. JJ is about to get his bike on the road after he gets his front forks back from the shop. Some pictures coming of how the little bit of snow grew to be a shit load of snow and buried Teme's RF. Pics also coming from Dubai and the US after Teme's been there.

March 31st: Teme (since 26th) & Esci (since 30th) are on the road again. Monday brought a minor setback, SNOW and frost. Luckily only very very little of snow. JJ's riding season opening got delayed a bit due to shot front fork gaskets.

March 31st: Check out the links section. Some thieving bastards got their hands on stuff that do not belong to them! Link in Finnish.

March 23rd: We are going to get our bikes on the road during next week. Helsinki Beer Festival 28th - 30th of March. 

March 20th: Went to Lanzarote and rented a couple of Yamaha XT600's. Stack of pictures from Lanzarote, Helsinki Motorcycle Show etc. coming on 22nd and 23rd of March. We're about to take our bikes on the road again when March is about to turn to April. Hang on and please check out on the weeks to come.

February 28th: Going to Lanzarote. Gonna get a little heads-up for the forthcoming riding season.

February 14th: Weekend of relaxing in Marza's parents's summer cabin.

January 31st: Motorcycle fair in Helsinki January 31st to February 2nd. All Suzuki Rockers attending with a bunch of friends.

January 11th: Teme bought a tiny Nissan Micra 1.2 super S to replace the Renault 11 he crashed to a railing.

January 11th: Janne's & Katja's housewarming party!


December 13th: Janne is about to move in together with his girlfriend Katja. Renovation is underway. We'll see if they get it done by Christmas.

December 6th: Teme visited Knoxville, Tennessee November 30th - December 5th.

November 17th: Offroad party at the Kaapeli in Helsinki.Pics coming shortly.

October 4th: JJ's and Teme's annual cruise to Stockholm.

Last week of August Teme visited Phoenix, Arizona. It was hot there, 44 Celsius, that is 112 Fahrenheit!
Unfortunately it was only a work related trip. He stopped in Las Vegas and New York as well.

August/September: Well, OK. Let's say that the updates are here during September.

August/September: Updates coming. Really, they are! Sometime late August or early September. Pics from trackday in June, pics from Teme's bachelor party and pics from Teme's and Minna's wedding.

August 3rd: Teme is getting married to Minna!!! JJ & Sami H being the Bestmen! riding days at Motopark racetrack. Esci, Sami S, Make and Eki probably attending.

August 1st: JJ's 26th birthday! Teme's summer holiday begins.

July 27th - 28th: SRRA riding days at Motopark ractrack. We'll be there again, hopefully not scratching our fairings.

July 13th: Teme's bachelor party. JJ, Sami H, Tude & Jukka showed up to Teme's door and then we went. Pics and suff coming some time in the future.

July 9th: Teme's 26th birthday!

End of June: Kössi got his KTM!

June 21st - 23rd: Midsummer!!!

June 1st - 2nd: We were at Motopark racetrack. Had a lots of fun and scrathed our knee pads. Pics are coming... JJ's summer holiday begun.