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SUZUKI GSX-R 1000 ( 2002 )


Liquid-cooled, dohc, 16v, 988cm3, 160hp @ 10600rpm




FUEL CAPACITY: 18 l             


TOP SPEED: 299km/h ( limited )

0-400m: 10,4

0-100km/h: fast

SUZUKI RF 900RW (1998)


Liquid-cooled, dohc, 16v, 937cm3, 136hp @ 10000rpm





PERFORMANCE Measured from JJ's RF900R.

TOP SPEED: 260km/h

0-400m: 10,7

0-100km/h: 2,5s

Here are some reviews of the RF900R taken from various web pages and magazines.

From Finnish magazine "Bike", issue 3/2000: Suzuki RF900R 1994-99

From Australian motorcycle web page www.mcnews.com.au   (1999):

-The engine is quite good, it is now being left behind by some of the better modern engines that are found lurking beneath the plastic of the ZX9RC and    YZF-R1. However, It is still good enough to out grunt a Fireblade on the dyno.

-The suspension does acquit itself admirably when a few bumps are thrown in to the equation, the RF9 shrugs them off as though they weren't there and  instills supreme confidence in the rider.

-The RF does not have the technological brilliance of the VFR 800, but would well and truly shame the VFR when the time comes to press on a bit quicker than socially responsible.

-This gets you a back roads blaster that will not get left behind by anything else on the road, if you are up to the task - so is the RF9.


From a road test by ASTRA (American Sport Touring Riders Association 1997) :

-So when Jeff Adams recently asked me if I would do a road test of Suzuki's newest sport-touring entry, the RF900R, I calmly accepted while secretly thinking "Allriiiiiiiiight!!!"

-I did not even try to find the RF's top speed for several good reasons, one of which is that my 2-year-old needs a live daddy.

-If triple-digit cruising is your thing, here's your bike. I don't need to get anywhere that quickly.

-In the mountains, it became obvious that the limits of this bike are far beyond mine, and the handling was extremely confidence-inspiring. Steering is not lightning quick, but it is low-effort. And there is way more ground clearance than I'd ever need. I could take corners as fast as I dared, and the bike just seemed to beg for more.

-The magazines use the term "rock solid", and I absolute agree. This was the first chance I've had in a long time to get on a top-shelf handler and really give it a workout. The RF900R makes riding the twisties so much easier than other types of bikes that I can see why so many young sport riders endure the seating position. Great fun!


From Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly (Dec -96 / Jan -97) :

-To evolve in the motorcycle industry is to engineer a higher level top-notch machine. It is to combine form and function and to breed a cycle that easily gives outstanding performance numbers, willingly behaves when handled through the twisties, and hides this wolf in beautifully sculpted bodywork that makes it look ultra-high-speed even when the kick stand is down. When this kind of thoughtful R & D is successful, the machine is truly a sight to behold and exhilarating to ride.
Something this Nirvanic to your neural-accelerometer has been brought to life for us by Suzuki. This night rider is called the RF900R.

-As a motorcycle test pilot, I found that the RF is (finally) a real, "full" bike I can sink my teeth into.

-You can unleash the RF and be in control, but you must remember the bike's hell-strong low and mid range.

-The RF900's numbers sit right with other superbikes, but this bike is a GT/sport-touring motorcycle. The competition is in denial about this cycle. It makes ALL of them sweat.

-Surprise, hombre! The RF900 is right on your tail. Wham-bam, you just got passed! "How'd that get around me like that?" Easily. Very easily.

-This bike is unbelievably maneuverable. It always goes where you want it to, no more, no less.

-Cornering on uneven surfaces will not destabilize the bike, and on all other road conditions, the RF is sweet music.

-Consider a test ride and a closer look at the RF900. See why it works like a definition of harmony.

-Editor's Note: Michael Kamrad added a fourth motorcycle to his stable this year. Yes, it is an RF900R.